Friday, 21 January 2011

Flocon papillon

This song about snow by Anne Sylvestre popped into my head (after about 40 years testament to the power of song!) the other day when we were doing nasal on words. It's not too fast.
You can buy it in the itunes store.

Il neige doux, il neige doux
tout près du feu resserrons-nous
Il neige doux, il neige doux
la terre est noire par-dessous.

Flocon, papillon
la fenêtre, la fenêtre
flocon, papillon
la fenêtre est en coton.

Il neige froid, il neige froid
mettez vos capuchons tout droits
Il neige froid, il neige froid
la tortue s'est cachée je crois.

{au Refrain}

Il neige blanc, il neige blanc
ne tombez pas en repartant
Il neige blanc, il neige blanc
il neige un peu pour les enfants.

{au Refrain}

Il neigera, il neigera
puis un jour le printemps viendra
Et sur les branches il neigera
des fleurs de pommes et du lilas

Rough translation
v1 It's snowing gently, we huddle round the fire, the earth is black below it
chorus snowflake, butterfly, the window is made of cotton
v2 it's snowing cold pull your hoods tightly, the tortoise is hiding I think
v3 it's snowing white, don't fall when you leave. it's snowing a bit for the children
v4 it will snow and snow then one day spring will come and on the branches it will snow apple blossom
and lilac

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