Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mon merle a perdu une plume - My blackbird

Crow puppet from puppetsbypost and others ca £12
Listen to the music and singing on this site

Have 5 or more black card cut out feathers and pupils to hold them up at the appropriate word
cinq plumes - all five, etc

Mon merle a perdu une plume My blackbird has lost a feather

Mon merle a perdu une plume, plume plume
Il ne chantera plus, mon merle He will sing no more
Il ne chantera plus.

Mon merle a perdu deux plumes
Mon merle a perdu deux plumes, une plume, plume plume
Il ne chantera plus mon merle
Il ne chantera plus.

Mon merle a perdu trois plumes
Mon merle a perdu trois plumes, deux plumes, une plume, plume plume
Il ne chantera plus mon merle
Il ne chantera plus.


Michael L. Gormley said...

I remember this from french class in elementary school.
I've been searching for this for a long time!

Kay said...

Glad you found it!

cedarberry said...

This is crazy...but I remember this entire song from elementary school too! (I'm over sixty now!)

I think the school was in Maryland, (I can't remember all the specific places we lived, as my Dad was in the Navy).

I remember the teacher sang it so expressively and charmingly sad we students loved pouting and giggling our way through it.

Thank you Kay for posting the words to this lovely child's counting song.

Tam said...

I am 58 and learned this song in 4th grade french class at Lincoln Elementary in Denver Co. I still remember every word.I recently taught it to my grandson! Thanjs for sharing!

hazardchase said...


You were probably in school in Washington County, Maryland, which had one of the first closed circuit educational television networks in the US. The song was taught by a native French teacher to first grade students in the county through a live TV program.

Mystical Memories Guy said...

I learned this song in a French class, at Bryn Mawr Elementary, back in 1965. I sometimes sing it as I work, some fifty years on, but I wasn't sure of the exact lyrics. I am so glad I found it here. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I learned it at Governor Mifflin in thr late 1990s.

Gran Maggie said...

I remember learning this song in elementary school in the early 60's, but never knew the translation! Wow! A complete blast from the past.

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