Tuesday, 15 April 2008

CDs to buy

I have already mentioned in the blog the Early Learning Centre CD. It is ideal for young children from nursery to p4. The songs are sung in English too.
Fun with French CD (Early Learning Centre) traditional French songs. The songs are also sung in English. £5 if bought instore. Includes Frère Jacques, Sur le pont d'Avignon, Il pleut, il mouille, Promenons-nous dans le bois, Au clair de la lune, 1, 2 3 nous irons au bois and more

The DVD Pack French is Fun (Salut Serge) contains a CD of catchy songs from the video. Suitable for up to P5, costs £12.48 from Amazon. Great value!

The Français, français pack of 3 CDs from the language factory is already on all our primary schools in East Ayrshire. They are very popluar and catchy. Suitable for up to S2. There is also a teachers resources CD ROM and an Interactive whiteboard pack. My only gripe is they are made up songs and completely unknown to the French!

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